Building The 71st century: on the edge of a calamity.– Retro Epic Empire

Game Development Plan


The game is developed on Unreal Engine 5, the game will focus on the PC platform first. The game will be developed in multiple stages. Each stage will be released in the same game.

Each stage will contribute to the overall game experience, and each stage will be it's own game play experience. The game will be developed in a way that allows for releasing game play as soon as possible. As we believe delivering on great game play is more important before adding all the lore, quests and other features.

Stage 1: Game play foundation



Path of Exile 2

Stage 1: Game play foundation,Mechabellum and Path of Exile 2 with AWSD controller support for movement and mouse for aiming. This stage will be the quick to release stage. This will also be the battle ground for the game play mechanics, faction lore war mobile military carry troops and server tech.

The goal of this stage is to have a fun game play experience that is easy to pick up, but hard to master. This will also build the foundational game play mechanics for the citizens of the Nexus Wars universe. As on release we should have all 9 factions playable with 20 units each, 180 units total. Each faction should have 3 unique hero player character to control, 27 total.

Each faction unit should have 6 passive skills and 6 active skills, 120 skills per, not including the tech tree and skill tree for each player class

At the end of this stage we should a have a fun game play experience that focuses on PVP, as we begin to build the story arc for this game play experience. Thus adding the PVE game play, which will require stage 2 and 3 to be completed.

Stage 1 ends with a epic Into similar to this:


Stage 1: Intro video


Stage 2: World building




Stage 2: World building,Cyberpunk 2077 and Masseffect are the notable inspiration to building key world elements for the Nexus Wars universe. This stage is all about integrating first person view, with third person view. Character Creation and creation each factions unique game lobby.

We should have at base minimum of 9 unique game lobbies, one for each faction. Each area should have access to the following:

  • Character Creation
  • Character Customization
  • Character Inventory
  • Character Stats
  • Character Equipment
  • Character Housing
  • Character Quests
  • Character Lore
  • Key Locations
  • Character Mail
  • Character Chat/voice
  • Progressive NPC integration

While we develop stage 2, we will continue to improve our core game play of Stage 1, by including many of the features from stage 2 into stage 1. This will allow us to continue to improve the game play experience, while we build out the world building features.

Stage 2 and Stage 1 will be developed in parallel, as we continue to improve the game play experience, while we build out the world building features, like housing, chat, mail, character, shops, etc. It is important to us to let players feel like they are part of this world, part of the faction they live, and fight for.

Stage 2 with a epic trailer introducing the factions of the Nexus Wars.


Stage 3: Space Combat/ Environment

Star Wars


Dune: Spice wars

Stage 3: Space Combat / Environment,Star Wars: Empire at War and Dune: Spice Wars are the key inspiration for this stage, among other notable franchise, like Warhammer, Eve online, and Master of Orion. This stage is all about integrating space combat, with solar system territory control, trade, and resource management. This is a critical stage as it is the foundation for the main game play loop, and the foundation for the story arc.

Space Combat

Taking the inspiration from the Star Wars: Empire at War, we will be building a similar point of view, except that you will be only control your own ship, and not the entire fleet. Space combat will be an action oriented experience, with the ability to control the ship with a controller, or mouse and keyboard. The goal is to have a fun space combat game.

While we will respect the 3d dimension of space, - meaning depth of up and down. However, it is with our gaming experience tells us, that creating yet another 3d game like Elite, Star Citizen, Freelancer, and others, including Eve Online, does not do justice to the enjoyment of space combat.(While we know that many do enjoy these games, we feel that that a lot of the actual epic details of space combat is missing from these games).

Instead we will focus on isomeric view, with the ability to control the ship in 3d space, but relative to his position in the solar system. This will allow us to create a more enjoyable space combat experience, while still respecting the 3d dimension of space. It is important to understand that this is not a space simulator, but a space combat game. You will take full advantage of position in all 6 directions, as you will engage in collision melee combat, from all directions.

Additionly, the controll of the ship will be similar to the game play of Path Of Exile 2, or Diablo 4, focusing on movement , and action execution, where skill and not spreadsheets will matter in combat. The ships will level up, and gain new skills, and new equipment, based on the faction and type of ship you are flying. The ships you will be commanding are not fighters but warships, with 1000s of storm troopers under your command for boarding action.

  • Ship Creation
  • Ship Customization
  • Ship Inventory
  • Ship Stats
  • Ship Equipment
  • Ship Differences
  • Ship Quests
  • Ship Lore
  • Ship Items
  • Ship Combat

While we develop the stage 3, we will continue to improve our core game play of Stage 1 and 2, making sure that that previous stages are connected seamlessly, and that they are part of the same game. It is important that the places you visit in stage 1 and 2, are all relevant in stage 3.

Another key element of stage 3, is the integration of the story arc, and the integration of warships into the game play. These warships will be part of the stage 4, and play a visual role, and be a part of tactical choices making, as you battle for control in different dimensions.

Stage 3 starts with an epic space combat trailer, introducing a unique space combat of Nexus Wars


Stage 4: Descend into madness

Elden Ring




Dead Space


Call of Cthulhu

Stage 4: Descend into madness;Elden Ring and Jericho Dead Space and Call of Cthulhu these are the key inspiration for this stage, and many other notable franchise, like, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, and many more. We can't reveal too much about this stage, as it is meant to be an experience, a mystery, the savage lands of the Nexus Wars universe.

As the story arc of the Nexus Wars universe unfolds, you will be able to explore the post level 80, the dark sinister forces that threaten the galaxy. This stage will be the combination of stage 1, 2,3 and 4 putting into the final challenge for the citizens of the 70th Century.

Expect to fight for your life and defend our solar system from the dark forces that are threating to destroy all life in the galaxy. This stage will be the most challenging, and will require all your skills and knowledge of the Nexus Wars universe. This means that cross faction coloration will be required to defeat the dark forces.

Due to reasons we can't reveal, this stage will be familiar to those who play soul like games, but offer a unique experience, that will be a combination of all the previous stages. Expect to be challenged, and expect to die, a lot.

Our objective is to make this stage is fun, challanging, and rewarding. This will serve as an end game for those that wish to continue to play the game, and continue to explore the Nexus Wars universe. Not only will new area will be open that will expend on the exiting world, but the previous stages will be expanded as well. Thus making it a continues game for those that venture into the dark forces.

We are not yet certain how this stage will end, but we are certain that it will be epic experience, and will nopt be the final chapter of the Nexus Wars universe. As the galaxy, hell the universe is big place, and there are many more stories to tell.

We will continue to further expand all aspects of the game further, particularly the story, lore, and game play. Importantly will continue to improve our multiplayer experience, and complete the game as whole unit, of as space opera.

Stage 4 starts with a trailer that will introduce the dark forces of the Nexus Wars.


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